Since Troy Animal Rescue project rescues all animals in need, not only does it need monetary donations to pay the vet fees, but it needs supplies just like an ordinary animal shelter. T.A.R.P. provides outdoor kennels and dog houses for their fosters when called for. They provide all the food for their fosters, puppy pads, litter and litter pans. Dog crates for transports, blankets pillows beds and yes even Hay for the dog houses. Leashes, collars and food bowls are also provided when needed. If you can't help us monetarily, please help in any way you can

We have two ways that you can donate monetarily. You can donate either by pay pal or by donating directly to our vet. Donations mailed to our vets office can be mailed in or called in. Please make sure you tell them when you call that you are making a donation for T.A.R.P. or that you put T.A.R.P. in the memo section of your check


Jones Animal Clinic

Jones Animal Clinic
Address: 242 Lee St, Brudidge AL, 36010
Hours: Mon thru Fri • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Sat: 8-12

Phone:(334) 735-2315
*Mention T.A.R.P. when calling



Our Needs List

Towels / Blankets / Linens
Collars / Leashes
Dog Food
 *Tractor Supply Green Bag
Puppy Food
Cat / Kitten Food
Crates/Indoor Kennels
 *Wire or plastic
Food Bowls
Comfortis / Heartguard / Invermectin
Nail & Hair Clippers
Dog and Cat Shampoo
Dog Houses / Outdoor Kennels
Puppy Pads
Childrens Pools
 *For whelping
Litter Pans & Litter
Laundry Soap

Amazon Wish List

Get Involved

The more we have the more animals we can save Become one!
Help us get our rescues to their forever homes. Short or long range
Every little bit helps .